Is Black Pink in Your Area?

Okay, so that title pretty much says it all. In case you’ve been living under the Kpop rock for a month, Black Pink, YG Entertainment’s long-awaited girl group finally debuted last month.

The group consists of four members: Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa (who’s my bias so far). They’ve released two debut songs, Boombayah and Whistle (which is the superior bop in my opinion). Within one month, both videos have racked up views on YouTube. Plus, they broke the record for the fastest girl group winning on a music show, shortly after debuting. Mind you, they debuted on August 8th, and won their first win on Inkigayo on August 21st. What kind of slayage?

Now, for people who’ve been listening to Kpop for quite some time, fans have done their waiting for this girl group. Black Pink is the first girl group to debut in YG since 2NE1, which was back in 2009. 2009 y’all. Tuh, I can’t even imagine.

When teasers started to come out about this group during the summer, I was so hyped. Like, I was never this hyped for anything music-related, but their debut got me excited for once, especially from YG (I know that’s saying a lot, since YG can be a such a pain).

So when they dropped their music videos, I was still in bed. I had my headphones in, watching both videos on my phone. When I first heard Boombayah, I didn’t like it. AT. ALL. First, I was thinking to myself, what kind of outdated mess is this? What kind of 2012 reject song is this? Teddy needs to be backhanded for this mess. Visually, the music video was brilliant. I just didn’t like the song. Two things that really bothered me about the song is the “oppa” part and where they do that faux Native-American yodel, which still irks me. Massive eye-roll. The oppa part I’ve gotten used to, but that yodel just bothers the hell out of me. Nonetheless, I’ve grown to like the song, but I still hate the yodel.

Moving onto Whistle. After being slightly disappointed with the first song, I was hoping that the second song will give me some slight hope to support this group. I must say, I fell in love with Whistle during the first listen. That never happens to me when it comes to music in general. I was grooving from start to finish. I immediately decided that this will be the superior song and no one can change my mind about it. Final.

After a month of bopping to both songs, I’ve grown to love all four of the girls, and I haven’t seen much of their personalities yet. Lisa is still my bias because she was the one who caught my attention the most.


What’s good?




But to be serious though, I really want Black Pink to be successful. It’s hard for girl groups to last long in this industry, especially in the Kpop industry. This is YG’s first girl group in a long time, and he better not mess this up. Everyone knows that YG is crap when it comes to management. Plus, he’s a terrible person. I have no shame in saying that. Come at me YG stans.

We’re supposed to be getting a supposed “comeback” in “October.” I’m just holding my breath for this one because this can be delayed for some stupid reason YG comes up with. Plus, there are a lot of comebacks that are happening next month so….we’ll see. And I’m not with this whole two music videos a piece plan. Why don’t you have them do a mini album instead? Sigh. And where the hell is Blackpink TV? When are we getting that? *sucks teeth.*

All I want for them is to be happy. I really wish them success too. Good luck girls!


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