Okay, it’s been a rough couple of days in the Kpop world. God this is gonna be hard to write without going off track. Sigh. If you guys haven’t heard the news already, YG Entertainment made the announcement this past Friday that 2NE1 has disbanded. CL and Dara decided to renew their contracts as solo acts, while Bom was not offered a new contract.

Sigh. I don’t even know where to begin with this because it’s just a goddamn mess. When I heard about the news, I wasn’t surprised at all. I had a feeling that they weren’t going to be together anymore because they’ve been on a hiatus since 2014. But as a fan, I was saddened because 2NE1 was the main reason why I got into Kpop in the first place last year. They were the first Kpop girl group I listened to. They were different because they has a certain edge to them that I loved.

One of the reasons why this stings is because of the way they were handled as a group. The main reason why they were on a hiatus was because of Bom’s drug scandal back in 2014. I’m not going to dwell too much on it because I feel like she’s done enough “reflecting” for her actions. I understand that mental illness is still taboo in South Korea. Yeah, she made a mistake. She fucked up. She apologized. What more do you want from her?

Anyway, I’m feeling angry and sad at the same time. YG doesn’t know how to manage his groups properly. AT. ALL. I’ve said it numerous times here and I’ll keep on saying it (come at me YG stans). In general, he’s a really shitty person. I remember reading somewhere that he called 2NE1 ugly to their faces. That really angers me as a woman because there are a lot of men out there who are shitheads, sexist shitheads.

I think everything started to unravel when Minzy decided not to renew her contract in May and was the first person to leave the group. I always supported that decision because I felt like her talent was wasting away. I was happy that she was able to leave YG and find another label that will recognize her talent.

When it was announced that Minzy was leaving the group, YG Entertainment also stated that they were going to have a comeback during the summer. Okay, so I figured that CL put her US debut on hold, so they can finally have a comeback after two years. But then, being the shithead that YG is, decides to debut a new girl group out of nowhere, which we know is Blackpink. I guess during that time, things weren’t working out with the remaining members.

I’m just really angry because I was really hoping that I was going to get at least one more comeback before they disbanded. I’m angry at the fact that YG didn’t fight hard enough for them. They were one of the two successful acts, along with Big Bang, to come out of YG. But YG’s behavior when it comes to his female acts doesn’t surprise me one bit. He couldn’t manage Swi.T right, couldn’t fight for 2NE1, and he sure as hell can’t promote Blackpink well, when they debuted three months ago (I’m gonna pray to all of the gods for Blackpink to do well. If YG fucks up Blackpink, I’m raising hell.)

I’ve also been thinking about what’s going to happen now. I know it’s been a couple of days, but I have a feeling this is going to turn out a complete mess. I also thought about the future for the members. Dara is set to be quite honest. She has work in the Philippines and she’s really popular there, so she’s alright. CL…man, I really don’t know what her plan is anymore. Is she still trying to “debut” in the US because I checked out after she released Lifted. I’m not here for her debuting in the US anymore. The hype is gone for me, and I’m not excited anymore.

As for Bom, I really don’t know what she’s going to do anymore. The public in South Korea still hates her for the drug scandal, so she really doesn’t have a career there anymore. I hope that one label picks her up though. Hopefully.

It’s still so surreal to me that they’re not together anymore. It hasn’t been a week yet, and it still feels weird. Even though I saw their disbandment coming, I just didn’t think it was going to be this soon. A little part of me still believed that they were coming back with one last hurrah. UGGGGGGGGHHHHH! Damn it YG. Why can’t you do anything right for once?

2016 has been the year of disbandments. All of the groups that I have gotten into last year have either broken up or lost a member. Yes, Kpop gave me some great bops this year, but can we chill with disbandments please? We have at least five more weeks of 2016 left. If I get one more disbandment in December, I’m going to scream. Don’t let me down, finish off strong.

I’m gonna sound like a sap, but I just want to thank 2NE1. Thank you for introducing me to Kpop. Thank you for giving me great songs and music videos. Thank you for being different. Thank you for being the first Kpop group that I got into. Thank you for everything. Thank you.

I’ll miss you. 2NE1 forever.

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