Sigh. I think I have a problem. A BTS problem. Why do they insist on ruining my life? I don’t understand. *sobs.*

*sniffles. wipes tears*

Okay, I’m good.

Hello everyone. It’s been a LOOOOOONNNNGGG time since I did a Kpop review. Two months to be exact. I’ve been absent from writing because I was going through some stuff during the holidays, and into this year. But I think I got my writing mojo back, so let’s dive right in.

BTS. My sons. My boys. They’re back with some songs, and it’s kind of interesting. Following their successful 2nd album, Wings, they are back with a repackaged version titled, Wings: You Never Walk Alone. Now, when I heard they were coming back, I had a feeling it was going to be some extended version of their last comeback, since they’re about to go on tour soon (I’m still salty that I didn’t get tickets to see them in March).

They dropped the title track Spring Day, which I feel is a very different sound to BTS, something that I’m not used to hearing. Honestly, it took me at least two to three listens to fully judge the song. It’s different from their previous title tracks, but in the end, it turned out to be a good song. You really need to be in a certain type of mood to fully appreciate it. The only problem I have with song is that J-Hope didn’t get any lines, like at all. Like, you’re not gonna give my boy any lines? Okay. I’ll just remain salty. Anyway, moving on to the music video:

One of the many reasons why I love BTS is because of their music videos. I don’t know who is their creative director for their videos, but whoever it is deserves a fucking raise because this was beautifully shot. Every single member looked so good and the filters weren’t saturated. Can we just take a couple of minutes to enjoy some of my favorite shots?


He’s so cute. I love my bias. 


This little coconut. 




I really want to know the significance of this scene. It was one of the scenes that stood out the most. 


All of them look lush. Pink hair really suits Jimin. 


I don’t know why I love this so much. It looks very soothing and they got each other’s back. They look like family in this picture. Bless their hearts. 

I’ve been listening to these guys for two years now, and I’ve seen so much growth in them. Is this their best title track? No, but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad song. It’s a good song, just not title track material. It felt more like a B-side.

As for the other tracks, I’m in LOVE with Not Today. That particular song is like an extension of Fire. In my opinion, Not Today should have been the title track instead. I’ve had that song on repeat since yesterday. It’s so lit.  Imagine them playing that song live in concert. Oh my God, that would be so lit. UGH. That’s why it kills me that I’m not going to go see them in March when they come to Newark. Tickets sold out too quickly. SIGH. Maybe next time. *sulks*

For Outro: Wings, that was just a mess on its own. Basically it’s Interlude: Wings, with just an extended mix, J-Hope’s verse and the same verse of Jungkook and V singing towards the end. I really didn’t mind how short it was from the last album, I just didn’t need a longer version of it. I really don’t think I’m listening to that version, so they can keep that one.

You Never Walk Alone is pretty short, but I really enjoyed the production on that track. Jungkook and V’s voices are like butter, especially Jungkook’s. I love how Suga is the last person to end the track too. It’s a pretty groovy track that you really have to be in a certain mood for. I wish it could have been a little longer, maybe hit the 3-minute mark or go past it a little, but it’s all good.

I really felt warm and happy about this comeback. I’m pleased with this comeback. I’m such a fan girl for this group, but I don’t care. *flips hair* I love BTS. I just hope that they can enough rest after their tour is over.

I know it’s been a while since I reviewed anything involving Kpop. But I want to  try and keep this blog updated on a regular basis. I hope I can keep that promise to myself and to anyone that reads this.

Until then, deuces.

Here’s some extra gifs from the video that you might enjoy:


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