On February 16th, Kpop’s hottest new coed group, K.A.R.D released their new single, Don’t Recall. This is the group’s second single, following their debut single, Oh Na Na, which was released in December 2016.

If you are wondering who this new group is, they consist of four members: J.Seph, BM, Somin, and Jiwoo. They are formed by their agency, DSP Media, and have been gaining a lot of attention from international fans. One of those reasons could be that Koreans haven’t had a coed group garner so much attraction in quite some time.

Unlike Oh Na Na, which had a tropical house vibe, Don’t Recall has more of a heavy synth-pop vibe with a hint of dancehall. The music video is a step up from their previous video, where we can the members clearly. The highlight of the video is the clean choreography, where each member is decked out in all white, dancing as a group.

When I found out that DSP Media was creating a co-ed group, I was a little skeptical because we don’t see too many coed groups in South Korea, where the groups are separated by gender. There was another issue too: what will be their sound and how will the public respond to them, namely the South Korean audience?

When Oh Na Na was released, I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t expecting a track to have a Western feel to it, especially a track that sounds like it can be played on top 40 radio stations here in America. DSP Media is going in the right direction with K.A.R.D. Though they are still in pre-debut mode (they will make their official debut after the third single is released), they are slowly gaining many fans. Right now, Oh Na Na has about 8 million views on YouTube, while Don’t Recall has racked up 4 million views within the past three days. The numbers seems small, but for many new Kpop groups, it’s hard to even hit the million mark in views.

Here’s the big question: will K.A.R.D find success when they finally make their official debut? Well, let’s break a couple of things down: they seem to have found their permanent sound, a tropical house-esque beat which a lot of artists have been riding on for quite a while. How will this sound translate in South Korea? It really depends on their debut track, how well it’s received, and live performances. If their agency knows how to promote them properly and play their cards (no pun intended) right, they may have a shot in being a successful group.

Keep in mind that coed groups are still a new things to Koreans. It will be interesting to see how things play out for K.A.R.D. Based on several interviews they have done, they look like a well-established group that works well together. We’ll see how everything works out. Good luck K.A.R.D.





      1. ah okay i see. for girl groups, i would recommend listening to red velvet: automatic, rookie, time slip, dumb dumb.

        f(x): their last album 4 walls was pretty good. chu is another good song.

        girls’ generation whole discography is pretty good.

        2ne1: come back home, gotta be you, fire, i am the best, lonely, falling in love, i love you.

        twice: like ooh ahh, cheer up, TT, 1 to 10, touchdown.

        mamamoo: their album melting was pretty good, their last album, memory was good too. piano man is a good song too.

        boy groups:

        big bang: lies, fantastic baby, blue, bad boy, monster, bang bang bang, they have a lot of songs too, since they’ve been around for 10 years.

        BTS: blood, sweat, and tears, danger, just one day, boys in luv, dope, fire, i need u, butterfly, run, bapsae, 21st century girls, their last album wings has pretty good solos.

        other recommendations: b1a4, nct u, nct 127, nct dream, got7, pentagon, 4minute,


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