That BTS reign just won’t let up. BTS dropped their second music video, ‘Not Today’, from their repackaged album, ‘Wings: You Never Walk Alone.’ Unlike ‘Spring Day,’ this second track is more upbeat and pulse-pounding. The video consists of BTS running along the desert with backup dancers dressed in all-black, along with some hard-hitting choreography.

The track itself is a jam. It reminds me of ‘Fire,’ which is a good thing in my opinion, since both tracks have an energetic feel to it. When it comes to choreography, BTS are always taking it one step up. The setting of the video is very cinematic, and there were certain shots that were moving in slow-motion. There was one scene where everyone was dancing on “ice” or a glossy circle as I like to call it. Whoever directed this video deserves a raise because the one shot that I really liked was the aerial shot of when they were dancing on the circle and they formed a triangle, which I thought was beautiful.

Can I just say that every single member looked really good in this video? I know that I say it a lot when I’m reviewing BTS videos, but everyone was looking on point here. Rap Monster, V, and Jimin were the standouts to me, especially Rap Monster and Jimin.

Jimin. God bless Jimin.

I really loved V’s look and confidence in this video. He looked really good in that white jacket and headband. The headband look is what killed me the most. He should really go for that look more often. Just saying….

V. Keep this look. Seriously.
Get your shine V!

The choreography really did it for me. I’m never disappointed with BTS when it comes to dancing. Everyone looked so in sync with each other and I was very impressed.


Then there’s my bias Suga looking fantastic in that red jacket. Ugh, why is he so perfect?

Rude boy Suga.

Then there’s J-Hope:

And Rap Monster:

The best he has ever looked in my opinion. But take out those stupid contacts.

All in all, this was a pretty awesome video for such a good song. I can’t even imagine how lit this song is going to be during concerts. Sigh. I still wish I was going to see them in March. *sobs.* Leave your comments down below and tell me your thoughts on the video.



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