The day has finally arrived. Minzy has made her solo debut with her first mini album titled, ‘Minzy Work 01 Uno.’ This is Minzy’s return to music since leaving 2NE1 and YG Entertainment last year.

The title track, ‘NiNaNo’ is an upbeat dance track featuring rapper Flowsik. At first listen, it sounded a bit weird, but after a couple of listens, it turned out to be a good track. The chorus is one of the things that makes the song unique. Flowsik’s verse towards the middle is killer. I really didn’t know who he was, but his rapping is pretty good here, and it flowed pretty well. The only criticism I have the way song ended. It kind of ends a little flat. I wish it would have ended with the chorus. But overall, it’s a good title track.

Onto the music video. I really like how the video was set up to showcase her dancing, which is what she known for. Minzy has to be one of my favorite female dancers in Kpop. I really wasn’t expecting too much from the video, but it looked really nice.

As for the other tracks off the album, ‘Superwoman’ and ‘Flashlight’ are the standout tracks for me. ‘Superwoman’ is a very empowering song and easy to listen to. I think this particular track shows off Minzy’s vocals. Meanwhile, ‘Flashlight,’ which features Jay Park, is one of my favorite tracks from the album. It has a smooth R&B feel to it, which is something I would like to see more of on her next album.

‘ING’ is one of those breezy tracks that you can listen to while driving in your car. It also sounded like a track that 2NE1 might have done earlier in their career. It’s a perfect song to bop to. Then there’s the ballad, ‘Beautiful Lie.’ I’m not really into slow songs, but if you’re the type of person that loves them, then be my guest. The only thing I can say about it is that it’s a nice song that shows off her vocals.

Overall, I think this was a solid album for a debut as a solo artist. I’ve been looking forward to this day for a year. I’m just really proud that Minzy is able to show off her talent that was somewhat hidden for a long time. I still think she was the most slept on member of 2NE1. I’m really proud of her. I’m proud that she’s been able to accomplish a lot within one year, so snaps for Minzy.

What do you guys think of Minzy’s first solo debut? Do you like it or nah? Tell me what you guys think in the comments section down below.




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