KARD is back again with their third track, ‘Rumor.’

The four member co-ed group from DSP Media dropped their third single today, which is a follow-up from their previous tracks, ‘Oh Na Na’ and ‘Don’t Recall.’

‘Rumor’ is the final pre-debut track from the group, before they make their official debut this year. ‘Rumor’ follows the same tropical vein as the previous two singles, but has a slower vibe. It takes a couple of listens to fully enjoy it, but I like it. I believe that ‘Oh Na Na’ and ‘Don’t Recall’ are better singles than this one, but it is a good song.

The music video was shot vertically instead of horizontally, due to their sponsorship with LG’s G6 smartphone, so it’s best to watch it on a smartphone instead of a computer.

Overall, it’s a good song. I wanted to see more of the dancing in the video, so I’m assuming we’ll be getting a dance version of the video soon. Everyone looked really good, everyone was styled perfectly. I wanted more lines for Jiwoo, so it can balance well. But overall, well done KARD, well done.

Tell me what you guys think of KARD’s latest song. Do you like it? Love it? Are you excited for their official debut soon? Let me know what you think in the comment section down below.


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