On October 10th, Got7 returned to the K-pop scene with ‘You Are’ from their seventh mini album, 7 for 7. 

‘You Are’ is a mid-tempo contemporary track incorporated with hints of EDM. It has a softer vibe compared to their two past title tracks from the ‘Flight Log’ trilogy (‘Never Ever’ & ‘Hard Carry’). The title track was co-written and co-produced by leader JB. The members sing about a love that is basically their light when they are feeling down and hopeless; everything is clear and brighter when this special someone comes into their lives.

The vocals and rapping were stable throughout the song. For me, the chorus is the highlight because of JB and Youngjae’s distinct vocals. It was balanced out well, especially when it ends Youngjae. During the second verse, the transition from Mark to BamBam was also constructed well.

The music video was filmed in Hong Kong, fellow member Jackson’s hometown. We see different scenes of the members walking through the streets of Hong Kong, switching between day and night. The video showcases the beauty and architecture of one of the world’s most densely populated cities.

Credit: jypnior (Tumblr)
Credit: got7ish (Tumblr)
Credit: jacksonwangblog (Tumblr)
Credit: jypnior (Tumblr)


There is one scene that does stand out towards the end, where all seven members are walking and dancing in a large green field, wearing all white with several windmills behind them.

Credit: jackseunie (Tumblr)
Credit: jackseunie (Tumblr)
Credit: jypnior (Tumblr)

Overall, this was a good title track. There is definitely a big improvement, especially from their last comeback. If I were to give a grade for ‘You Are,’ it would be a solid B.

What are your thoughts on Got7’s new song? Do you love it? Hate it? Share your thoughts in the comment section down below.


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