Sigh. I think I have a problem. A BTS problem. Why do they insist on ruining my life? I don’t understand. *sobs.* *sniffles. wipes tears* Okay, I’m good. Hello everyone. It’s been a LOOOOOONNNNGGG time since I did a Kpop review. Two months to be exact. I’ve been absent from writing because I was going through some stuff during the holidays, and into this year. … Continue reading BTS – SPRING DAY MV [THEY’RE SO PRETTY]


My dorks are back. B1A4 is back with their 3rd studio album. Good Timing. Now it’s been a year since their last comeback, Sweet Girl. I really enjoyed their last mini album, and I was excited about this comeback because they always make good music. Bless Jinyoung and his production skills y’all. If you guys aren’t familiar with B1A4, I suggest you put them on your radar right now. … Continue reading B1A4: GOOD TIMING REVIEW


Sigh… Okay, it’s been a rough couple of days in the Kpop world. God this is gonna be hard to write without going off track. Sigh. If you guys haven’t heard the news already, YG Entertainment made the announcement this past Friday that 2NE1 has disbanded. CL and Dara decided to renew their contracts as solo acts, while Bom was not offered a new contract. … Continue reading THANK YOU 2NE1, FOR EVERYTHING


Blackpink returned to the Kpop scene on November 1st with two singles, Playing with Fire and Stay. I’ve stated in past posts that I’m starting to warm up to them after their debut. We were supposed to get a comeback from them last month, but it was pushed (go figure) to this month. I mean, I wasn’t surprised that we had to wait a little longer for their comeback, … Continue reading BLACKPINK – SQUARE TWO REVIEW


Jakku Jakku Jakku (I still find that part catchy af). Hello everyone. Welcome back to another MV review here at Hana, Dul, Set. Okay, my girls I.O.I recently released their last and final (excuse me while I crawl into a corner and cry) comeback as a group on Monday titled, Very Very Very. I.O.I is back with all eleven members with a cute title track … Continue reading I.O.I – Very Very Very MV [JAKKU JAKKU JAKKU]

BTS – Blood Sweat and Tears MV [Y’ALL ARE RUDE AF]

Sigh. Okay. It’s safe to say that BTS has ruined me. I have fallen in love with this group. IN LOVE. I’m BTS trash. They want to ruin me. I’m convinced that they’re doing this on purpose. So, if you Kpop fans have been living under a rock for the past three days, BTS finally released their second album Wings, on Monday. They also released the title … Continue reading BTS – Blood Sweat and Tears MV [Y’ALL ARE RUDE AF]

SHINee – 1of1: Givin Me 90s Realness

*Cue drum machine.* So SHINee’s back with their 5th album, 1 of 1. Now, I’m not really an avid SHINee listener, but this comeback has me very nostalgic. First of all, the whole concept is very 90s, and it’s done properly. I love me some 90s nostalgia and I love me some new jack swing. When the promo pics came out, I was so excited. Yeah, the … Continue reading SHINee – 1of1: Givin Me 90s Realness

A Little Bit About Myself….

Alright….where to begin? Should I start with the usual, “Hello my name is blah blah blah,” or should I attempt to be quirky with this post? *Inhales* So here’s some little details about me. One, my name is Naomi. I’m 22 years old (soon to be 23 in 26 days). I just graduated college about five months ago with a bachelor’s degree in media studies. … Continue reading A Little Bit About Myself….

4 Kpop Comebacks I’m Looking Forward To In October

It’s that time again. Comeback time. Your favorite Kpop groups are coming back to destroy your lives. We’ll be entering October soon, and I can’t wait for my faves to come back. Here are four comebacks that I’m excited for: 1. BTS – WINGS Bruh. BTS has been on my radar for almost a year now, and they have slayed my life. I’m not even going … Continue reading 4 Kpop Comebacks I’m Looking Forward To In October